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A universally minded Atlantic nation and a founding member of NATO, Portugal is particularly pleased to host the Lisbon Summit of the Heads of State and of Government of the Atlantic Alliance.

Portugal has placed, since the very first moment, and without reservations, its means and capabilities, as well as its privileged geo-strategic position, at the service of the Alliance and of its project of peace, security and stability. It is a commitment we reiterate, in this moment of reflection and of decisions on the best way to ensure that the Alliance has the means, the capabilities and the geo-strategic projection it requires to respond to the new threats and challenges being faced by our free and democratic societies.

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Portugal, a founding member of the Alliance, hosts a NATO Summit for the first time. We look upon this moment with high expectations, not only because summit meetings represent recognizable milestones of the Alliance’s evolution, but because we are committed to guarantying that NATO remains a strong, coherent and effective organization in the years to come. NATO’s 900 million citizens expect no less from us.

Our main purpose is to identify the challenges that lay in the years ahead and to ensure that, together, we continue to firmly maintain the necessary mix of policies and tools that are necessary to safeguard the security of all Member States, while promoting international stability. This is why the adoption of the new Strategic Concept goes hand in hand with the concrete decisions and actions that will transform NATO into an organization fit for the 21st century.

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