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The North Atlantic Summit will gather Heads of State and/or Government of NATO and the partner countries at FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa, at Parque das Nações.

This venue has a privileged location near the International Airport and Lisbon main train station “Gare do Oriente”, providing a quality and modern environment to all its visitors.

  • During the days of the Summit, the whole FIL area will be restricted.
  • Only accredited personnel and vehicles will have access to the premises.

For more information on traffic, please go to www.psp.pt.

The NATO Summit promotes a blue future

The choice for the NATO Summit in Parque das Nações is an opportunity for Portugal to show the world a modern country that invests in renewable energies in several areas.

At the Parque das Nações, electric vehicles, promoted by MOBI-E, introduce a new model of sustainable mobility that will contribute to a blue future.